Where We Are Now October 20, 2014

Champs Denver is right around the corner and the road there was a bumpy one. In the last few years our company (as well as the entire industry) has grown, but with our growth comes growing pains. Our climb to over 200 stores nationwide did not come easy – from friendships ending over a few thousand dollars to people you once thought would never let you down ultimately caught stealing.

As Dr. Dre said “I’ve been in the lab with a pen and a pad trying to get this damn label off ” so I removed myself from the spotlight to try and clear my head. We hired some fresh talent to work alongside the rest of the team who already sacrificed so much and were ready to give some more …then, BAM we were heading to champs Denver with awesome industry changing designs like our new Dab Vac water pipe adapter, some fresh new colors outline with their signature 22 karat gold, and last but not least … the limited-edition Zombie Marley water pipe with original artwork from Team Headdies’ own lil’ Crockett – who turns out is related to the folk hero from the old West Alamo days … and just like Davy Crockett she’s also a good shot with a rifle.

We’re excited to see the shop owners and industry friends so stop our booth at #819, 918 and spin our famous prize wheel, demo our new Dab Vac, and have some fun.