Welcome To The New HEADDIES® – We’re Almost There! February 21, 2013

It’s been quite the journey for us to bring the brand we know, love, and envision to the web, but today we’re finally just about there.

The new headdies.com is more than just a place to buy pipe art online; it’s a journey. An object in motion, that will be staying in motion. It’s an organic extension of the Headdies you know and love, and one that hopefully brings a whole new audience to our world.

We are running in a limited capacity now, (about 50%), so please if you see something missing/broken/confusing/non-existent, feel free to contact us by using our web feedback form and let us know what we can do to help you or fix the problem.

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Our inventory is being added to daily, with more Scientific Glass, bubblers, spoons, water pipes, and more. We’ve got top of the pops Space Case Grinders, Headdies Premium Papers, and all the accessories you could ever want on the way in just a week or so.

So feel free to sign up for the Headdies Newsletter today and stay up to date with everything we have in the making for you guys here at Headdies.