NEW DabVac Colors October 2, 2017

When the 3D Printed version of our DabVac was released, we received an overwhelming amount of questions on the fate of our glass DabVacs. At Headdies, we’re known for our signature line of 22k Gold Labels, Bubblers, and Micro Bubblers, therefore, our true passion in the industry starts with the glass. Import companies are invading the market with bogus and low-quality glass in mass-produced quantity which can be dangerous for not only the industry but for you too. To fight against this, we put our heads together with the Headdies glass blowers in our American glass studio to create unique, cadmium-based DabVac colors for the #SupportAmericanPipeArt platform! Fresh off the kiln, the Lemon Slyme DabVac comes in a beautiful and vibrant yellow slime color, which will surely be a head turner with its bright color. Coming up next, the Purple Lollypop DabVac, standing out with its magnificent purple color and a sparkled accent that will also change to transparent or solid in different lighting. Last but not least and also being favored by many, the Terps DabVac color stays a soft yellow but when exposed to lighting becomes a shiny and vibrant amber color. Being in limited quantity, you’re going to want to grab one of them for yourself before they’re gone! Our specialty DabVac Colors are the next step in the goal to solidify and extend the #SupportAmericanPipeArt movement, while the team at Headdies still aims at making unique and innovative products for you to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more DabVac products and accessories and if you’re interested in one of our specialty DabVac colors, contact your Headdies sales rep to claim yours!
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