HEADDIES® Steamroller

Headdies designed a pipe with the carb (choke) on the end opposite the mouthpiece, as opposed to on the side. The general idea is to get as haughty a hit as possible by holding a finger over the carb while lighting the bowl and sucking in until the chamber is full, then releasing your finger and inhaling to clear the chamber.

Available in Blue, Dark Green, Gold, Light Green, and Glow.

These Headdies steamrollers pack a milky hit!

Available at:

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Weight 0.28 lbs

Dark Green, Light Green, Blue, Gold, Glow



    Thick glass, nice piece. Solid mouthpiece that blocks unwanted crumbs along will decent size bowl.. only downfall is the bowl hole could be a little bigger but all in all great piece

  2. Topher B

    just picked one of these up today on sale! LOVE IT! smooth hit, and comfortable in the hand!

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