Headdie Glow Label Tube

Headdies Glow Label

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Headdies Glow Label:

Introducing the first Glow Label brought to you by Headdies glass. This piece will surely be a head turner in any darkened room with it’s magnificence glow in the dark. The Headdies Glow Label comes with a blacklight flashlight to boost your glow.  The Glow Label comes in straight tube and beaker tube standing tall at 15 inches, the 19mm joint size ensures stab-ability and compatibility but still delivers aesthetics. With it’s super thick and sturdy glass, Headdies glass is always hand blown from the San Fernando valley. We view all glass as American Pipe Art, it is our hope that pipe art will one day be universally viewed and accepted as a legitimate art form. We embody the spirit of California, a progressive state that has always been at the forefront of advances in science, technology, and personal freedom. True art has always been embraced by some and misunderstood by others. Every art movement has started out underground before being accepted by the mainstream. True art is incendiary, provoking, and controversial. But whether supporter or detractor, champion or critic, our voices are equal. No single opinion should be taken as fact, and no one group has the power to label art or determine beauty. Throughout history, art has been censored and banned, but time has proved the close-minded few are not able to suppress the freedoms of the many.

At Headdies we support freedom of speech, ideas and expression.

Comes in:


Headdies Glow Label 15″ Beaker Tube
Headdies Glow Label 15″ Straight Tube

Headdies Glow Label comes with:


• Headdies Glow in the Dark Label Water-pipe
• Headdies Down-stem
• Headdies Dual-Use Slide
• Blacklight Flashlight to charge your glow in the dark

Joint Size:

Female 18.8mm

Diffuser Size:

Reducing 18.8 – 14.5mm

Bowl Size:

Male 14.5mm

Weight 6.9 lbs

Straight, Beaker

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