How to buy HEADDIES® Glass

Ease of accessibility is key when you’re going to purchase a water pipe online. Our goal is to create a reachable customer base by integrating a new payment method that can be used effortlessly. Buying a water pipe from us is as easy as can be now, as we have adopted a payment method that can be used by anybody and we’re here to show you how to do it!
This payment method is super easy and benefits everybody, on top of being able to also use this payment method to purchase from other websites and stores that also use this approach.

Step 1.)  Add your desired HEADDIES® products to your cart on

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Step 2.) Head on over to the Checkout page where you will enter your information so we are able to confirm and ship your order.

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Step 3.) Choose either Cash App or Venmo as your payment method then, click on “PLACE ORDER” and you will be taken to the Confirmation Page in which you will submit your payment to username $Headdies (Cash App) and username “HEADDIES®” on Venmo,
Another option is to click on the hyperlink “Click Here to Pay” to be directed to the webpage for submitting your payment.

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Step 4.) You will be prompted to enter your card information, your name, and your email address so we can properly confirm the transaction. Be sure to type your Order Number in the Notes section.

  Venmo-Payments How to buy HEADDIES® Glass %catagory
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After sending payment, you will have to verify your email address and that’s it!
You can now buy HEADDIES® Glass using this method!