The DabVac™ by HEADDIES® April 13, 2015


The HEADDIES® DabVac™ is our first and new premium water pipe adapter for concentrates.

We design and manufacture high quality scientific glass smokeware, while the HEADDIES® DabVac™ is universal and works with all water pipes, the 22karat gold labels and overall design is meant to compliment our signature line of Headdies tubes.

Headdies is a family company and my brother and I frequently collaborate on our newest products. We came up with a great design to ensure that our DabVac would be the best and most efficient way to collect your concentrates and oils.

The Headdies DabVac is the next step in the evolution of collecting your concentrates. The antiquated ways to do so include the dome, domeless, and electric nail. The nail dome may have paved the way but there are too many steps involved in a process that inevitably ended with a stuck dome that eventually cracks when trying to remove it.

Then came the domeless – usually pretty pricey, requires a lot of torch time to heat up, and also cracks ground joints. Finally there was the electric nail, nice but very expensive and unless you get a carb cap there’s a lot of waste.

With the Headdies DabVac you only need to heat the tip of the glass or titanium wand. This allows for very little waste and you don’t get that leakage like you do with the domeless or nail. The holding chamber is perfect for either a quick pull or party time with friends.

We use only Schott glass for its legendary quality and, as always, the Headdies DabVac is designed and made in America.

The Headdies DabVac is now available in stores across the country and on several of the major online retailers. Stay tuned for announcements regarding new DabVac products and accessories.