3D Printed Dubbler September 18, 2017

Headdies 3D Printed Dubbler Micro Bubbler

Headdies hits the industry, yet again, with the all new 3D Printed Dubbler! 3-D Printed in the USA, the Headdies 3D Printed Dubbler is scientifically engineered to minimize splashing, and presents precision airflow control for smooth and consistent hits. With the interchangeable dish, one can remove the borosilicate dish from the Dubbler and insert the 3-D Printed DabVac borosilicate dish and latex hose to receive essential oils, concentrates, and herbal extracts just as easy as our original DabVac. The all new, all-in-one Headdies 3D Printed Dubbler micro bubbler can be upgraded to the Dubbler: Deluxe Edition which features our surgical grade latex hose, the classic Headdies American made quartz wand, and our borosilicate dish featured on our recent 3-D Printed DabVac. With these new parts, one can exchange the Dubbler flower slide components to the Dubbler Deluxe concentrate dish and hose to convert the Dubbler micro bubbler into a compact and portable dab rig right before your very eyes. Last, but not least, the Headdies 3-D Printed Dubbler integrates a spill proof design, meaning if you tip it over, drop it, or if it falls off your coffee table, the water stays inside the Dubbler. From our high quality schott glass dish, high temperature polymer plastics, to our American made quartz wand, we 100% guarantee the 3-D Printed Dubbler micro bubbler for normal, personal use. Backed up by the Headdies guarantee, if your 3-D Printed Dubbler is to break from normal usage, we will personally replace it. If you decide to run it over with a car, smash it with a hammer, or throw it at one of your friends, we will not replace it due to the damages, that is not normal wear and tear.

Headdies 3D Printed Dubbler Pipe comes with:

• Headdies 3D Printed Dubbler: 3-D Printed Micro-Bubbler
• 3-D Printed Polymer Fidget Spinner
• Borosilicate Dish
• Silicone Dish Cap
• Headdies Gold Lanyard

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