CustomGrow420 YouTube Channel Deleted! April 18, 2018

CustomGrow420 Channel Deleted

CustomGrow420 Channel Deleted

YouTube guidelines have ruined the lives of many YouTube Content Creators with their new rules following the “Policies & Safety” category they have listed. On 04/18/18 CustomGrow420‘s YouTube account was removed and deleted for “Violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” It’s become a very unfortunate turn of events for many YouTubers sharing their cannabis related content.. some people just want somebody to toke along with! Joel Hradecky or CustomGrow420 is just your average dude making vlogs and reviews in relation to this industry, but YouTube says otherwise.

This is a devastating blow to the cannabis community online and we do believe that we have all been wronged in relation to YouTube and their policies, but fear no more… we’ve found a solution! Arend Richard (TheGayStoner) and Mackenzie McCurry (Macdizzle420) have put their heads together to create a brand new platform that doesn’t restrict cannabis related content and gets past YouTube’s ridiculous Terms of Service.

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After giving up money out of their own pockets for TheWeedTube, Arend and Macdizzle turned to gofundme for the remaining funds. Donations that were received through their gofundme is to hire a lawyer, developer and buying servers. After setting a $6,500 goal, TheWeedTube successfully generated the fund in 2 weeks!  We all want free cannabis entertainment that will not be interrupted by Google/YouTube’s outrageous policies that inevitably hurt the cannabis community.

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TheWeedTube will be open minded and geared towards the use of cannabis whether it be recreational, medical or education purposes. We’re a proud member of TheWeedTube and we’re more than happy to produce content related to the industry in one way or another. We’re all very excited about this new community platform where Vloggers and viewers from YouTube can have a new world to delve into and hopefully get rid of the stigma that cannabis users receive from time to time. Let’s all hope that TheWeedTube is the upstart of something new… this way we can separate ourselves from YouTube and feel more welcome in a new community we can all appreciate!

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