How to buy HEADDIES® Glass December 18, 2018

HEADDIES® is proud to announce our new partner, HEADDIES® DIRECT!

Ease of accessibility is key when you’re looking to purchase anything online. Our goal is to create a more reachable customer base by integrating new methods that can be used effortlessly by our community.  Headdies Direct provides a new source for you to purchase HEADDIES® Glass exclusively through our friend who buys in bulk. Take advantage of this by grabbing all of your DabVac™ essentials! Or maybe get yourself some of our classic American Pipe Art, available only through our partners at

Don’t forget! Those of you who already own a HEADDIES® DabVac, will also be able to purchase a DabVac™ Replacement Kit, with either the Wand & Hose or the removable DabVac™ dish.

Our entire line of Glass and DabVacs™ are available for purchase at HEADDIES® DIRECT!

With decades of experience in the industry, our goal is to continue to solidify and extend our brand and customer base. HEADDIES® puts powerful, yet careful thoughts towards projects for you to have an innovative and cost-efficient experience.

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