May 29, 2023



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With over 100 years of combined experience in blowing glass, Headdies® has harnessed a solid position in dominating the East Coast glass industry. Established in Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves in a wide variety of smoke-ware from high-quality Scientific Glass, to Handblown American Pipe Art and extraordinary stoner innovations. In early years, inauthentic, mass-produced glass swept the industry. We’ve decided to put our foot down on the matter and adopt a new light into the market for a truly genuine experience.

We put our heads together to create innovative ways to make an even more affordable, reliable way of collecting and receiving your concentrates.
At Headdies, we’ve given powerful, yet careful thoughts towards our projects.
That’s why we took our time to engineer one of the most unique and powerful dabbing devices on the market today.

At Headdies, we support the American Pipe Art movement. It is our hope that pipe art will one day be universally viewed and accepted as a legitimate art form.
True art has always been embraced by some and misunderstood by others.
Every art movement has started out underground before being accepted by the mainstream.

True art is incendiary, provoking, and controversial.

But whether supporter or detractor, champion or critic, our voices are equal. No single opinion should be taken as fact, and no one group has the power to label art or determine beauty. Throughout history, art has been censored and banned, but time has proved the close-minded few are not able to suppress the freedoms of the many.