May 29, 2023
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DabVac™, Scientific Glass, and American Pipe Art



How to buy HEADDIES® Glass

HEADDIES® is proud to announce our new partner, HEADDIES® DIRECT! Ease of accessibility is key when you're looking to purchase...
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Best Way to Dab Wax – HEADDIES® DabVac

The easiest and the best way to dab just got better! With over 2 million views on YouTube the original DabVac™...
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CustomGrow420 YouTube Channel Deleted!

CustomGrow420 Channel Deleted CustomGrow420 Channel Deleted YouTube guidelines have ruined the lives of many YouTube Content Creators with their new...
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Buying Your First Pipe: The Ultimate Guide

Buying your first pipe can be a hassle, especially if you have no idea where you're actually buying it from....
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NEW DabVac Colors

When the 3D Printed version of our DabVac was released, we received an overwhelming amount of questions on the fate...
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